Saturday, April 23


Dear People at Woodside
I should have listened to you, hockey isnt all its quacked up to be. i've decided to take a wing at football instead!!
maybe it wont be so violent. please give a big QUACK! to all my sorely missed friends at Woodside.
love, your rubber duckie

Woodside Replies

Dear Rubber Duckie. We are all quacked up about your flight to the exotic
land of HOCKEY. Just think you will be able to watch fights on ice almost
all the time. The friends you left behind are saying - Oh what bad luck
that our lovely duck went after a puck just to get stuck with a game that
sucks. But, it is noticed that a lot of really nice people watch hockey so
you are in good company and the birds outside the window where you lived
still fly about and sing to you. Have a good hockey day.

Friday, April 22

dear woodside farm

dear people at woodside

quack!!! it's me, your rubber duckie. i ran away from home. In all those days spent gazing out the windowsill, staring at the wild birds made me realize one thing: i have never seen a hockey game. so the other day when you left the window open i decided to fly away from woodside farm in search of something exotic, and to make my fortune in the world. QUACK! i hope you understand. love, your rubber duckie